Experience the Rich History and Spirit of the Island of Hawaii

While the Island of Hawaii is the youngest of the Hawaiian Islands, its history and cultural significance remains prevalent. Hawaii’s rich past comes to vivid life at the sacred and historic sites that surround our oceanfront resort. Understanding the cultural forces that shaped today’s Hawaii will bring a deeper appreciation to your experiences on our wonder-filled island.

Art Collection

It is our true delight to offer you on-site cultural tours, showcasing ancient Hawaiian artifacts, sacred sites, and an impressive art gallery featuring the renowned work of celebrated artist-historian, Herb Kawainui Kāne. Kāne’s paintings are a visual collection of Hawaiian History, depicting Polynesian and Hawaiian culture, as well as significant historical figures and events. Join us for a professional guided tour through our gallery, where you will learn the meaning behind these spectacular paintings and Hawaiian artifacts from the 18th century. Experience a traditional Hawaiian oli, as you traverse the grounds to the sacred Ahu'ena Heiau and learn more about this landmark building, which is still used in traditional Hawaiian ceremonies today.

Hawaii Painting
Hawaii Painting
Hawaii Painting

Torch Lighting

Witness a time-honored tradition in Hawaiian culture as the torches around our oceanfront property are lit at the end of each day. This ceremonial torch lighting and blowing of the conch shell signifies the end of another glorious day in paradise.