The Vanillerie

The Vanillerie

Tour, Taste, and Treasure the Magnificence of Hand-Grown Vanilla

The Vanillerie offers one of the most unique tour experiences in Kona. Perfect for all ages, you’ll discover the fascinating history of vanilla and witness the intensive process necessary to achieve the rich flavors and aromas of the world’s second most expensive spice. What starts as a vanilla orchid that needs to be hand-pollinated, becomes a green-colored bean which grows for 9 months until it’s ready to be harvested. Tour this small vanilla farm and learn how these green beans become the classic brown bean we all know and love. See, smell, and feel the vanilla orchids in various stages of buds, blooms, and beans in the shaded rooms; breathe in the intoxicating smells as you tour the humidor where the vanilla beans slowly dry out; and, finally, indulge in a decadent dish of homemade vanilla bean ice cream-just one of the fruits of this labor of vanilla love.

An array of vanilla-infused artisanal foods and body products are available, as well as Kona Vanilla Beans and DIY Extract Kits, allowing you to take a piece of your experience at Vanillerie home with you.

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