Seahorse Farm

Seahorse Farm

Have You Held a Seahorse, Yet?

Get up close and personal with over 25 species of seahorses at Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm, the only seahorse farm in America. This fun, interactive, and educational experience with seahorses consistently ranks as one of the top attractions on the Big Island of Hawaii, and for good reason. You’ll be surrounded by the largest living collection of seahorses in the world and have the opportunity to actually hold one of these mysterious ocean creatures. Your magical encounter with these captivating, endangered species will be led by a certified biologist. Along with a hands-on experience with a seahorse, you’ll be introduced to sea dragons, clownfish, Banggai cardinalfish, black sea cucumbers, pebble collector urchins, a cymbal bubble shell snail, and more! You may be able to hold these amazing species, as well. Never has learning about ocean conservation and marine farming practices that are helping to save fragile ocean inhabitants from extinction been so fun!

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