Saddle Road

Saddle Road

Saddle Road Drive From Kona To Hilo

Buckle Up For A Cross-Island Adventure!

Connecting the east and west sides of the Big Island of Hawaii, Saddle Road is a true highway adventure. This scenic drive from Kona to Hilo traverses the island, climbs towards the Humu’ula Saddle between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, and delivers some of the most enthralling scenery on the island. At just under 53 miles and reaching an elevation of 6632 feet, you’ll gaze upon an array of diverse landscapes, including rainforests, dried lava flows, desert-like fields, rolling grasslands, and stunning coastline views. You’ll want to take it slow along this winding drive with steep climbs and descents. While Saddle Road Hawaii is frequented by native wildlife, including large herds of goats and sheep, you won’t find any services along the route, so be sure to pack some light snacks and have a full fuel tank before you embark on this sight-seeing excursion. Also known for unpredictable weather, fog, and low visibility, this is best driven on a clear sunny day when you can truly appreciate the expansive views as you cross the saddle between two mammoth volcanoes.

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