Mauna Kea Summit

Mauna Kea Summit

Tour The Astonishing White Mountain

One of the most incredible sights to see on the Big Island is the Mauna Kea Summit. Known for its beauty, as well as its cultural and spiritual significance, Mauna Kea, meaning “white mountain”, is revered as the most sacred of Hawaii’s five volcanos. When you tour this snow-capped majestic peak, you may feel as though you are on top of the world. You’ll be surrounded by surreal landforms, captivating cloudscapes below you, and a panorama of the night sky like no other. And as you gaze upon the wonders of the night sky from the Mauna Kea Summit, it’s crystal clear why the highest point in the Pacific is an unparalleled destination for stargazing.

Home to the world’s largest observatory, along with an astonishing array of native flora and fauna, a visit to the Mauna Kea Summit will elevate your trip to the Big Island to extraordinary heights. Travel from Kona to Mauna Kea is approximately 1.5 hours.

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