Kona Sea Salt Farm

Kona Sea Salt Farm

Salt Farm To Table

Discover the process in harvesting mineral and nutrient rich Hawaiian salt during a tour of Kona Sea Salt Farm’s 7-acre oceanfront space on Kona Keahole Point. Kona Sea Salt hand harvests Hawaiian salt from pristine ocean waters 2200 feet below the surface of the Kona Sea. On your 45-minute tour, you will learn about the salt harvesting process and the different kinds of salt variations, what makes deep seawater different from surface water and why salt is significant to Hawaiian culture. Your tour ends with a salt tasting of Kona Sea Salt’s pure and flavored salts.

Experience the delicate flavor that is prized by world-renowned chefs for yourself — and learn the history behind this influential mineral today. Kona Sea Salt Farm is located 9 miles from our Kona beach hotel.

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